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”..No more of this, I’m so tired..” The vampire choked out. Her raven locks covered her eyes. “..I don’t belong anywhere, human or not.” Tears streaked down her porcelain cheeks.

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Byakuran ~

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Sure, he forgot something. His gratitude, probably. But as he marched down the streets, hands in pockets, two men, obscenely Twilight, brushed past him. They made sure he felt shoved away, like a dog neglected. But as they plowed through the street with their bulky bodies turning the corner toward the office, he knew something was wrong. Cap dropped, pills down the throat.

Let’s go find some scumbags.

He arrived in good time too, enough to see the gun. What did they want? He couldn’t tell, but instead of introducing himself, he unsheathed his katana, shoulders rolling back. He could feel the Celebre coursing through him, giving him weight and speed, strength beyond any human. He turned his head, jerking it swiftly as if to indicate, not here.

Stay down, Kalea.

The vampire was incredibly nervous. This was a normal occurrence, but Dr. Theo was usually here to take care of any men or women that wanted to cause any problems in the clinic. Despite what Kalea was, she never put her hand up towards anyone, in fear that she would kill someone. Still, it was alright for self defense, right? “..Whatever you’re looking for..” Her eyes glanced at Nicolas and then back to the men. “..I guarantee I don’t have it, we’re low on supplies.”

Out of anger, the man went to pull the trigger and Kalea closed her eyes out of mere reaction. Still, she kicked her desk only to make them stumble and fall. Her body was on the floor as well, on the other side, just to grab the gun near the safe. She held it nervously, just in hopes that she wouldn’t have to use it.

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ʜᴇʀ ʙᴏᴅʏ, ʜɪs ʙᴏᴅʏ || ᴀᴜ || ᴄʟᴏsᴇᴅ


          An eternal quiet filled his head, the thoughts in his mind having turned entirely silent around him. No longer the judging of the people around him. He gave up on that long ago. There was nothing left for him in this world to judge any longer. This always happened if he was going to a place like this one. A place that only those who had no other choice went to. Most of the time the people in question were quickly to be called  words like ‘disgusting’ and even creepy. It was just that most of those people were pretty normal too. Just a little bit fatter, or a little older then the usual person whom would go out with a girl the age they go to. 
        However, that was not always true. He was one who was a regular on this place, and not for  the usual reasons. He was not overweight, nor did he have the usual physical troubles. There were two things that were the ones that caused him to go here. His mental health… and his gender issue. A place like this was not somewhere were he will get judged.
      He kept his eyes mostly towards the ground as he walked through the hallways, knowing full well that that was the best technique to deal with this place. Also because there were clients that he could better not be aware of. He then unlocked the door with the key he was given, before turning the knob and slowly walking in. A hood hid his face from sighting, even if anyone would be aware of whom he was as he was a regular. “Hello.” He spoke up then, looking down at her with a quiet expression on his face which could be seen from the angle that she was using to look at him.

The fairy was quite curious to who this stranger was, but she stayed seated like a good girl. Her wings fluttered behind her nervously. Of course, the bare human eye couldn’t pick up the phenomenon that was attached to her back. Her fingers danced on her bare legs as she finally glanced up. Her violet orbs taking in the image seen from the hood. Ah, she had seen him around, once or twice. Usually she was off doing her own business, like cleaning or cooking for everyone. This was a new experience, so she was nervous.

Her eyes met her knees again, due to how she was feeling. She was shifting in bed until she forced herself to sit still. She looked up. “A-Ah.. Sorry.. I-I’m just new at this.. Hello!” A little smile came onto her cheeks. “You seem like a nice person, Sir. My Sisters say you’re nice to them, so I hope we can get along, ne?” A soft blush came onto her porcelain cheeks. Honestly, Amai seemed out of place here, so innocent and slightly uneducated about the outside world around her.

After a moment, it was quiet and she was struggling to even make conversation with him. It was all due to her lack of experience with sort of thing. “I’m Amai and I’ll be your girl for tonight. I apologize if I’m not as experienced as everyone else..” She bit her lip slowly. “I was hoping that you could teach me some things.. but I’d really like to know your name, sir.”

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     -스타- Setting her phone down next to her, the female shook slightly. Kendra called and disconnected from her as soon as she let everything out.. She wanted to help but, she had no idea where she was now. Could she be close because of the delivery or.. Or was that just someone she sent? She’d never know unless told.

     Within the hour, the idol would hear knocks at her door. She rose up, biting her lip. Was it her? Slowly, she moved to it before opening it up, seeing the female standing there.


     ”.. Kendra..”

     Before the vampire could speak, arms wrapped around her smaller frame, pulling her into a large embrace.

The teen wasn’t sure how to react to the sudden warmth. So for a moment she was still, but soon trembled. Her arms wrapped around the female. Tears streaked down her cheeks.

                  “..I-I’m sorry, I-I’m sorry..”

Kendra felt that she couldn’t say it enough. Her body continued to shake nervously as her tears fell onto the star’s shoulder. Then finally, she got the courage to look at Cho Hee in the eyes. “..I’m so sorry..” Her fingers moved to trace on her cheeks, moving in to lock lips with the other female. Her feelings poured out of the kiss before she pulled back.

                    “..I don’t want you to hate me.. I want to try.. us..



     -스타- It was that time already? She thought quietly as she rested her head against his chest. To eat or not to eat.. Well, she hadn’t eaten since the early afternoon.. Maybe some food should be good. "Mm.. Let’s eat. I don’t want to wake up for a midnight snack.." Laughing softly, the female slowly climbed out of bed and moved to the kitchen with him.

The stylist followed her along, running his fingers through his blonde locks. “Hm, should I make something or did you want make something, kitten? It’s really up to you.” He leaned against the kitchen counter, resting his hands against the granite surface. “I did re-stock the fridge yesterday, so we should have plenty of options to choose from.”

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Tʀᴏᴜʙʟᴇᴍᴀᴋᴇʀ || ᴄʟᴏsᴇᴅ



New year, new students, new problems. Why was it that every year Kiryuu Zero was forced to take a small leave from the Association and return to Cross Academy to do some boring job or two? And the icing on the misery cake? The fact that the jobs each year were getting more and more pointless. Last year he had to track down somebody’s missing luggage and this year-

                         -He was asked to find a student who was quite possibly flunking her lessons. As if Kiryuu Zero, an ex-student with top grades who was frequently skipping his lessons, actually gave a shit. So she’ll skip a few classes, big deal. 

Sadly, Headmaster Kaien Cross wanted to hear absolutely no reasonings that Kiryuu had for the situation at hand and sent him out to patrol the grounds and locate the missing student. 

Once out of the main building, the silver haired hunter shoved his hands into the pockets of his black trench coat, a quiet sigh parting pale lips. It would hardly be difficult to track down a missing vampire, especially with the scent those bastards gave off, but it was a job the hunter could hardly call enjoyable. He was trained to kill vampires, not bring them to their respective classes.

Kendra honestly didn’t care, but in order to study vampires more, she had to take part. It was odd to say since she was a vampire herself, but that was another story. She was a hunter, from a foreign Association in Portugal. Unfortunately, this was the only good place to understand the roots of it all. She was probably going to get in trouble for skipping out like this.

Couldn’t she just kill them and go home? No, they were a level E and it would be offensive to the whole damn race to do so? She glanced at her apple and grew bored with it and tossed it far into the woods. “Eh—… I wish I could do actual hunting and not learning about shit I don’t care about..”

She perked up at hearing footsteps. They were below her, so she slowly hung her legs from the roof to glance into the window. Oh, it was that ‘Guardian’ wasn’t it? A small grin came onto her lips. It looked like she found some entertainment for the night. Kendra knocked on the glass and gave a larger smile and a wave before retreating back up.

Don’t worry, she made sure that the hunter saw her. Now that she thought about it, he wasn’t too bad looking, but he had a feel of a vampire, especially with those piercing eyes. “..Maybe he’s like me..” She mused.

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"Boss’ll definitely want to put you to work, so it won’t be relaxing." There was no way she’d miss the opportunity to make money off of a model. A haven of cute boys that attracted customers was her ultimate goal for the club. "Ready for that?"

"I don’t mind it at all." Viktor purred as he just finished buttoning up his pants. "..Hm, I’ll be just wearing my casual wear though, my suit is at my hotel.." A yawn escaped him once again.



          True he couldn’t be killed so easily but the detective, as pure-hearted as she dared not to reveal to others at work, would treat him as a human being. She didn’t see him as some other form of experiment but viewed him as a genuine human who carried a human heart. His body was of an experiment; however, he was precisely as a human she found to care for so deeply. There was hardly much care of what could happen to her which caused this sort of reaction to charge for the culprit. She wouldn’t allow for someone she carried for to die. No … not again … I won’t permit this to occur … before I couldn’t do anything … this time … The detective was prepared to leave her life out for the culprit to injure as he pleased. Her parents didn’t live but Isaac-san would surely live. It hardly hit her mind to suspect that he would not be capable of dying so easily. But the sight of the blood was burning in the back of her mind.

          As she arrived at the rooftop, fear developed throughout her body. Of course she was scared to confront someone who may eventually fire at her the instant she opened the door. With sweat dropping faintly from her cheek, a serious look to those grey hues developed and entered to the sight. Her firearm was the first to lift up though noticed something. It seems the culprit was captured? The screams or other traces of their conversation didn’t carry out to the sleuth’s way, almost forgetting he was capable of apprehending him far quickly than she could. “Oh Isaac-san … are you alright?” Sure enough, she was concerned about him than the trembling culprit. Eyes averted to the culprit with a sigh. “So it truly was him … of course. Please do shower the moment we head back. It truly is impossible to believe that this man was capable of such a grotesque crime. Nonetheless, the results were surprisingly this simple. I appreciate your help, Isaac-san. Thank you.” A smile traced to her lips and placed away the gun.

The experiment glanced at the culprit, only giving a snarl to make him shut up. It was irritating how he was just shaking and whispering insulting things to Isaac. A sigh left his lips as he started to walk. “..Well, we have to turn him in.. go through all that fun stuff.. and..” He thought to himself for a moment, a perverted twinkle coming into his eyes. “..I haven’t had anything in awhile, so I think a shower for the both of should suffice, hm?” He followed her along, once again resuming a cheerful hum. He had to admit, the more time he was spending with, the more emotions and personality he was starting to grasp. He was truly happy for once, even doing things like this. The experiment loved to be help to the detective, especially since he got his own reward after in the hotel room.

He only found himself bored in the hotel room hours later, a towel around his waist. He was done with his shower and was clean. “Are you still typing the report?” Hours previous, they had apprehended the man responsible for the crime. Now the both of them resided in the room. She was on her laptop typing away. He was sort of expecting this, since it was the normal routine. Investigate, Find the Culprit, Arrest, Report and Sleep. His arms draped on her from behind as he leaned his chin on her shoulder. “It’s getting pretty late, angel.” He blew hot air into her ear. “How about you finish it in the morning and come sleep with me in bed? Besides, I haven’t even eaten yet..” He huffed like a child, only leaning in to give her ear a playful bite.

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